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We run our business responsibly and ethically.

Building Trades Credit Union’s Board of Directors and senior management are committed to acting responsibly, ethically and with the highest standards of integrity to ensure that BTCU’s activities are continually structured and delivered in a manner that allows us to meet the needs of our members.

Board of Directors

Credit Unions are different from other financial institutions because they are not-for-profit cooperatives whose primary goal is to serve their members. Our Board of Directors is also unlike our counterparts who serve on the boards of big banks. Credit Union board members, including those at BTCU, serve as unpaid volunteers.

The seven member Board of Directors that serves BTCU is charged with setting the Credit Union’s policies and maintaining the best interests of its members. They each serve three year, elected terms. Their commitment to the Credit Union and men and women of the building trades drives their service to the membership.

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee provides oversight of the safety and soundness of the Credit Union through monitoring risks and controls associated with its business objectives, strategies, and plans.

Senior Management Team

BTCU’s senior management team is responsible for the overall direction, operations, and performance of BTCU. They are also dedicated to the financial well-being of every member and employee.

Annual Reports

Each year, BTCU publishes an annual report and distributes it at our annual membership meeting. It combines reports from the President & CEO, Board Chairman and Supervisory Committee to give you a comprehensive look at our growth and financial strength during the previous year.

To view a report, click on the appropriate link.

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