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Update for Credit Card Users

To all BTCU credit card holders. Our credit card provider has changed processors. As a result of this credit card migration, credit card access is no longer available within online banking. Members who were enrolled in the GoTo My Card credit card platform should re-enroll in the new eZCard platform located on our main page, click here to be directed to the new site or go to If you had set up a recurring payment within the GoTo My Card platform, those payments will continue but you no longer have access to make changes. Please contact BTCU by calling 763.315.3888 option 7 to have your recurring payment deleted. You can then reset your payment preference in the new eZCard platform. This will allow you to update your payment method, provide access to credit card statements and transaction history. 

To make a credit card payment, you may make a one-time only or recurring payment within or you can make your payments at any BTCU location in person or by mail.  

We thank you for your patience while we work to restore credit card access within online banking. 

April 2022 / BTCU – Credit Card access has been restored within online banking. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our members. BTCU worked diligently with our core provider to regain credit card access within the online banking platform.  

We apologize for this interruption to accessing your credit card accounts within online banking. Your business is very important to us. 

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