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What is a credit union?

Unlike banks, credit unions are member owned financial cooperatives; so when you join Building Trades Credit Union, your initial deposit to open a savings account establishes your membership and makes you a part-owner. Since there are no outside bank stockholders to satisfy, our credit union passes on the savings to you in the form of lower loan rates and higher yields on savings.

Anyone who is a member or an employee of one of the unions or affiliated groups listed here, is eligible for membership at BTCU. An eligible person’s immediate family members and members of their household are also eligible to join.

A person who retired while in the field of membership remains eligible for memberships after retiring. The spouse of a person who died while eligible for membership may also become a member of BTCU.

We understand the needs of union tradespeople

No one better understands or is more fiercely loyal to the building and construction trades than BTCU. You’re our people! And no one can offer you better options. Like lower rates. Easier, more flexible, financing. And all the tools you need to keep your money safe and working hard.

See if you are eligible for membership and complete our Online Application today.

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