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BTCU members are a very exclusive group.

In fact, there are only a few dozen union and affiliated groups in the Midwest whose members are eligible to join us. And we’re honored to have every one of them.

Anyone who is a member or an employee of one of the following unions or affiliated groups is eligible for membership at BTCU. An eligible person’s immediate family members and members of their household are also eligible to join.

A person who retired while in the field of membership remains eligible for membership after retiring. The spouse of a person who died while eligible for membership may also become a member of BTCU.

Apply Online Now!

You can apply online to become a BTCU member!

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Find a Branch Near You

BTCU now belongs to the Shared Branch Network! That means you can access your money at more than 5,000 participating credit unions nationwide! To find a Shared Branch near you, TEXT your Zip Code to 91989. SB = Shared Branch.

Shoreview “Groundbreaking” News

Shoreview “Groundbreaking” News

On Monday, May 23rd we had our Shoreview Groundbreaking Ceremony.  Thank you to the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, Donlar Construction and HTG Architects for making this all possible.    We are very excited to see our new Union Built Shoreview branch. 
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